Tips on How to Gain Natural Confidence

What is natural Confidence? Well, natural Confidence is when someone is comfortable with themselves and who do not care what others think of them. The naturally confident person is someone who goes out into the world and gets their goals achieved. They are basically achievers.

The majority of us are not born with natural confidence, and some people will never gain it because they are not prepared to change their lives. People who have natural confidence take daily positive actions in their lives towards their ultimate goals. Those who say they do not have confidence don’t know how wrong they are because they have the confidence to know that they have no confidence.

Achievers like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, etc, on the other hand, did not say to themselves, “I have no confidence.” Their mantra is – “I am going to be rich and famous….” These People have the natural confidence to go out into the world and know what they want and how they are going to get it.

Visualize a more confident you sitting or standing in front of you.

I would like you to visualize stepping into that the more confident you. It is important that you see through their eyes, hear through their ears and feel the feelings of the more confident you. Notice that right in front of you is an even more confident you. The even more confident you is sitting or standing, it is a little bit taller than you. It has a look of more self belief behind their eyes then you.

Now, step into this more confident you, and be aware that in front of you is an even more confident self – more passion, more charisma, more power, etc. It is important that you repeat step three. Stepping into a more and more confident you until you are overflowing with confidence. It is also important that you are aware how you are using your body, how you are breathing, etc.

Remember the only person stopping yourself from becoming that confident and successful person is YOU. Do not procrastinate. Go out into the world and be that high achiever you want to be!


Belinda Daly is a certified master practitoner in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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