How to Gauge Your Current Level of Self Esteem

If you have ever gone on Facebook you’ll have noticed that there are little tests and quizzes that you can take; tests like “what is your soul color” and “which Greek God or Goddess are you?”  Well, consider this to be similar to those kinds of tests.  The following questions are gauged to help you determine your current level of self esteem.   Read the questions carefully; answer truthfully, and then read the explanation below the question, and don’t be discouraged if you score low, the very fact that you are taking the test at all means that you are open to change and that, my friend, is a very good thing indeed.

Self Esteem Question One:  How long can you stare into your own eyes? 

Try it; stand in front of a bathroom mirror.  Place your hands on either side of the sink and lean in close enough until you are looking directly into your own eyes.  How long can you hold your own gaze without feeling the need to turn your eyes away?

The answer to this question is quite simple.  The longer you can hold your own gaze the more comfortable you are with the person you see inside of yourself.  If you find that you have to turn your gaze away after more than a minute or two, you probably need to re-read the five steps to self esteem again and begin putting more of the concepts into practice.

Self Esteem Question Two:  How do you feel when you see yourself in a full-length mirror?

This may sound silly, but it is really quite revealing (no pun intended).  In the privacy of your own home, stand in front of a full length mirror and take note of how you feel about what you see.  Are you comfortable with yourself exactly as you are?  Or do you see all the imperfections and flaws and spots that need improvement?

If you can stand in front of a mirror and not pass judgment on your body, then you are well on your way to developing a high sense of self-esteem.  If you can only find fault with what you see, there is plenty of room for self improvement; specifically in not passing judgment on yourself and accepting yourself exactly the way you are.

Self Esteem Question Three:  Do you see yourself in a positive or negative light? 

Sit down with a blank sheet of paper and a timer set for five minutes.  As quickly as possible write down words that describe yourself, continue writing until you either have no room left on the paper or your five minutes are up.  Now take a second sheet of paper and divide the words up into “positive” and “negative” columns.  If a word describes a positive aspect about you, list it under “positive” if it describes a negative aspect, list it under “negative.”  Which won out, positive or negative?

If the positive descriptions of yourself won out, you are making good progress in your building of positive self esteem.  If negative won out, go back and replace the negative words with positive ones and consider the new list something that you will use as something to strive towards.

While these three questions are by no means comprehensive, they can serve as a gauge for determining your current level of self esteem and how much work you have yet to accomplish.


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