3 Steps Towards Higher Self Esteem

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Steps To Raise Self Esteem

Here are three steps that you can take to raise your self esteem. First, you need to discover who you are and understand why your self-esteem is as it is at the moment. Secondly, you need to rearrange your life so that it supports you in having a high self-esteem rather than working in the opposite direction to pull your self-esteem down. Thirdly, you need to brainwash yourself to start to think different thoughts about yourself.

Step 1 to raising your self esteem

As I wrote in The self esteem toolbox, in order to raise your self esteem you first need to figure out how high your self esteem is at the moment, why your self esteem is as it is right now, how you would like your life to be and what you need to do to get there. Knowing who you are now and who you want to be is the basis for all other self esteem development. If you don’t know who you are now and who you would prefer to be there is no point in trying to raise your self esteem.

Step 2 to raising your self esteem

Brainwashing yourself with positive thoughts about yourself without rearranging your life so that it becomes self esteem supportive is like walking against a current. No matter how many self esteem activities you do, you will still end up at square one if you don’t arrange your everyday life so that it supports your new high self esteem. You need to spend enough time on yourself, get into the habit of celebrating your successes, get rid of all energy-draining people and activities, and make sure that you selectively choose what kind of media you expose yourself to. You can read more about how you can rearrange your life to become self-esteem supportive in The self esteem toolbox

Step 3 to raising your self esteem

Self esteem is made up of the thoughts that you are thinking about yourself. Thoughts become emotions, so if you constantly think negative thoughts about yourself you will feel that you are a bad person. In order to raise your self esteem, you therefore have to exchange your old self-degrading thoughts with fresh self-enhancing thoughts. Changing the way you think about yourself doesn’t come instantly. You need to brainwash yourself. To do this you can use music, affirmations, mirror exercises, lists and other self esteem tools. Choose tools that work for you!
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