Personal Change and Self Development

World-wide, self development is a multi-billion dollar business. There are thousands and thousands of products available out there. Daily, millions of people search for easy-to-use methods to deal with various psychological and emotional issues.
Yet, a majority of people find change an extremely cumbersome process.
Once the need to change hits them, people go into an overdrive (at least initially), to search for tools and techniques to help them make the change. These may take the shape of Books, CDs, Seminars/trainings…etc. That’s when most people reach the peak of their motivation.
Then the slide begins…..they quickly find out that many of these books, CDs, or trainings give them basic, commonplace solutions, which, in many cases they are already aware of or some vague out-of-the-world philosophy, which, they quckly realize, is impossible to implement on this planet.
Within a few days, they forget about the tool and get on with their normal life, dragging themselves forward the only way that they know. The product gets its “rightful place” in a dark corner of the house and remains there for eternity, gathering dust – another mute testimony to all those failed attempts.
So why is it so difficult to change. After all, when we really think about it, we’ve been doing it all out lives. We’ve learnt to walk, learnt languages and a have mastered a number of complex activities -almost effortlessly. In fact, most people don’t even realize that they are changing until the change actually happens.
So where’s the problem – is it with the tools & techniques available out there or is it with ourselves ?
we’ll explore this phenomenon as we go forward and also, look at how can we actually make measurable positive changes in our lives.

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