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The Power of Conversational Hypnosisthe power-of-conversational-hypnosis


Years ago, when I was doing my NLP practitioner training, I became fascinated by the legendary Dr. Milton H. Erickson & what was being referred to as “Hypnotic Language Patterns or Conversational Hypnosis”. Till then, hypnosis, to me had meant swinging watches and strangely dressed men repeating words like “sleep” & “relax” in an endless loop trying hard to get their subjects to go into a trance.

But Erickson was different. There are a number of stories on how Erickson used his language skills to bring about seemingly magical changes in his patients quickly and almost effortlessly. If the client was resistant to change, Erickson would use that resistance to smoothly guide him/ her into a trance. 

By now I was completely hooked. I wanted to master these magical patterns and skyrocket my powers of persuasion and influence. But there was a small problem. I didn’t know where to start.

So I did what millions of others do when they get stuck on any subject – I turned to Google for help. I found a large number of eBooks, audio training courses, video training courses, seminars etc. all claiming to turn me into a master of persuasion and influence in a few weeks time. 

Over the last many years, I have bought a number of courses on “covert”, “underground” or “conversational” hypnosis. I bought courses on persuasion and “under-the-radar” language patterns.

Years of hard research and detailed study made me realize one thing. The copywriters who created the sales copies for these websites, are brilliant masters of persuasion. That would explain why I spent hundreds of dollars on these nearly worthless courses. At least I was not completely wrong. Hypnotic language skills were real. To be honest, some of these courses were not entirely worthless. But after all the hype on the website sales page, most of them were big letdowns. Many were just compilations of common language patterns which were available for free on the internet. Another problem I found was that many of the so-called teachers were just amateurs with no real experience in hypnosis or NLP. 

However there was one course that really stood out – The power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochowski
 To be honest, when I saw the website, it looked a bit cheesy to me – especially the headline. But I still went ahead and bought the course (guess I am one of those who don’t understand the meaning of the phrase “once bitten…). However when I bought the course, I wasn’t too hopeful about the quality of the course.

But boy, was I wrong! This course is the real deal. It isn’t just another eBook or a compilation of language patterns converted into an audio course. This is a true ready-to-use system – something you can instantly absorb and immediately apply. It takes you step by step through a range of real hypnosis skills – applicable not just in conversational hypnosis, but also in real therapy if you are a practicing hypnotherapist.

But the best thing about this course is Igor. He is one of the best teachers I’ve come across and makes learning some of the complex hypnosis skills seem ridiculously simple and a lot of fun. He comes across as someone who is completely genuine and involved. Every small concept is explained in detail with examples or anecdotes and Igor gently prods you to do the simple exercises at the end of each chapter. Before you realize, these skills start stacking up and you are well on your way to becoming an master hypnotist.

Make no mistake – learning hypnosis skills is not easy. It needs a good grounding on basics and real practice. But then, developing any real life skill takes time & focused effort. It took Milton Erickson years to master his observation and hypnosis skills which turned him into a legend in his field. Eddie Cantor said “It takes 20 years to become an overnight success”.

The advantage of learning conversational hypnosis using Igor’s course
is that you get access to knowledge distilled over many years in a neatly organized package and also a powerful learning system that makes mastering all this knowledge fun and effortless.

It is a huge course. A total of 12 chapter (or CDs) and 4 bonus chapters. The package also includes a written transcript of the audio chapters (PDF file) and most importantly cheat sheets (complete with hypnotic language pattern cards & the Milton model) making learning easy and fun.

The chapters cover a gamut of topics like Rapport Building, Power Tactics, Emotional Triggers, Trance Induction, Advanced Hypnotic Language Patterns, Handling Resistance  Story Telling, Hypnosis Protocol, Reframing, Trance Formulas..etc.

Irrespective of what your level of expertise in hypnosis is, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis course will definitely be a valuable addition to your toolkit.