Can NLP Help Me Improve Self Confidence ?

Self Improvement with NLP


There are many ways to initiate self improvement. Often times the words we use on a daily basis reflects our inner, subconscious perception of the problems at hand. This is what NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is all about. As long as we keep on programming our thoughts to ponder over these problems, the underlying problem will never go away.


What is NLP ?


NLP can be broken down into three parts so that we get to have a better understanding of how it works.


Neuro as the first part has to do with our brain as well as the neural network connecting out brain and nervous system. It looks at how information is received, processed and stored by our nervous system.

 How we communicate with our own mind and also with others make up the linguistic part of the NLP. This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication.

 Programming has to do with the way the information is manipulated by our mind. Based on our prior experience or our mental filters, the mind may sequence the information in a particular fashion or even change it to match our existing perceptions of the world.


NLP was developed in the early seventies by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. What got the developers of NLP interested were the varying results achieved by people with the same background and training. They got curious as to what made certain people more effective than others, and were looking for ways to duplicate this behaviour.


After several studies, the developers of NLP started zoning into communication to see how successful people communicated in terms of body language, verbal language and eye movement amongst others.


Through taking careful note it was noticed that there were specific patterns of thinking that got the individual to be successful. On further investigation it was theorized that our brain can pick up behaviours and healthy patterns to help bring about positive emotional and physical effects. These studies, along with a number of other techniques developed by Bandler, Grinder and a number of other researchers came to be known as Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.


How Can NLP Help You ?


NLP comes with a broad range of tools and techniques gained from various disciplines used to help understand the functions of our brain. These can help people improve a number of aspects of their life including improving self confidence and self esteem, overcoming phobias, improving learning skills, overcoming public speaking fears…etc.

 In short, NLP is a powerful self improvement approach that can help people take charge of their own life.

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