Personal Change and Self Development(Part 2)

When it comes to self development, most people tend to look at it as one great jump from point A to point B. They take a problem situation in their life and decide that they will get out of it in one huge leap and take their life to a totally different level. It all seem quite easy at that point. With this picture (or movie) in mind, they embark on their “change journey”.

What they don’t consider is the path. Although the destination looks quite inviting in the begining, once the actual journey begins, they start encountering various obstacles on the way. These could come in the form of small failures, boredom, laziness, discouragement or a general drop in motivation. Soon they begin to lose interest and either falls back on the life that they’ve always known or they start looking for new tools, more interesting solutions…etc.

So basically some people just give up and some others go through life, looking for that magic pill which will change their entire life. What people don’t realize is that such pills don’t exist – at least in the real life.

Self Development is all about moving ahead one inch at a time, all the time making adjustments in speed, and constantly checking to figure out if we are actually moving in the right direction. There will be a lot of speed breakers on the way, a number of detours to take and the real danger of running out of gas.

But once you decide to move forward and are also ready to go thorough the initial rough stretch, you’ll find yourself automatically begining to change gears and soon you will be cruising ahead.

The pieces of the jigsaw slowly will start to fall in place and you’ll start wondering how could you possibly have considered this difficult at all.

So the first step is to realize that although self development need not necessarily be a painful process, but at times it can be. But if you have the strength and courage within you to go through the initial pain, the rewards can be tremendous – truly life-changing!!!.

Keep the image of a snowball in mind. All you need to do, is to roll a little ball of snow down in a certain direction. As the ball rolls down the hill, it gathers even more snow and momentum. The end result could be a giant snowball hurtling down the hill capable of knocking down anything in its path or maybe even an avalanche.

So go ahead – roll that first snow ball down the hill…it could…..change your life 🙂


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